How many use Vintage Hi-Fi systems?

I was wondering, how many here use a Vintage Hi-Fi as their main stereo? Please give details as to your equipment. I use Citation 17 preamp, Citation 16A amplifier, Sony TC-755 reel to reel, Dual 1229 (with Grace 747 tonearm), Nakamichi OMS4 CD player Advent 201A cassette and Definitive Technologies BP10 speakers. I have many audiophile friends who trade up constantly. I bought a system that I enjoy and have kept it. Oh, and I still love it! Friends are floored by how musical it is. Your thoughts please.
Stringreen, better speakers? Not that there aren't any, there are many. The BP 10s still sing. I have my eye on a pair of Quads, ESL that an audio buddie of mine will be parting with. Properly set up, they are really sweet. And yeah, the Grace arm is gorgeous.
Cafreeman, that is a beloved system. I had some Mac gear, a MA 6100 integrated, then later a C-29 and a MC-2300. I also had an LP 12, but I couldn't walk across the floor when playing a record. (needed a better support)
Nice to see that there are still those enjoying Vintage gear.

Grimace, enlighten me.. what old gear do you use?

Thanks Gentlemen!
I only have 1 current system setup and it is mostly vintage. Why vintage? For me is because I find quality vintage gear much more affordable and still very musically satisfying than new gear in my price range.

A pair of McIntosh MC40s, Conrad Johnson PV10-A, Altec 604-8G Model 17s, Technics SP-25 TT/ATP-12T arm, Denon 103R, Cinemag SUT, Marantz CC65SE CD.

For the cost of the above system, I don't think I could have done better. If I could, I haven't heard it yet.

I am also close to putting together a vintage mono system and have (more than enough) gear to do it, but the amp, preamp need recapped first. I also need a mono cartridge. It will consist of an old 1929 Victor (pre RCA) theatre amp, Brook Model 7 preamp, Electrovoice Georgian factory built speaker, Thorens 150 with SME 3009 arm. I realize this TT/arm/ cart will not be the best match, but it gives me something to start.

There are those of us who can't afford to play in new or lightly used gear, so thankfully there are some great vintage pieces to fill the void in our hobby.
I have a CJ PV5 and MV75 "in process" now, that I hope to receive by the end of the month. I also have an ARC SP8 that had some "upgrades" done, but I decided to push it a little further, and don't have it back yet. My turntable is a 25-year old Linn LP12, and I'm on my second Koetsu Black (although it is relatively new), and I have a 25 year old Koetsu step-up transformer.

In a sense, I suppose you could say that I'm "cheating" because almost all of these pieces have been/are being "updated." So be it--I don't think the basic tonal structure is changing. The irony is that, although these particular CJ and ARC pieces are new to me, they are virtually identical to the gear I used in the 80's...along with the Linn, Koetsu, etc. So I am more or less in the process of recreating the system I used 20-25 years ago...with, I hope, a bit cleaner sound, and perhaps some additional reliability.

Now, all I need is my Dahlquist DQ-10's...
I own old Quad II mono valve amps, the Quad 3 Preamp and the Valve Tuners in the housing of the 3-Series, it is a nice sounding electronic.
I got a Micro Seiki 5000 with FR-Arms and FR cartridge, this is special, very special, I like it very much. But most of the time I listen to a "modern" System.