How many vinyl albums do you own you listen to?

So far I own around 300 vinyl albums all purchased in a last 20 years. Even while I listen to for about 10 albums a week it seems I want to keep adding more and more to my library. I wonder if there is a point when one says it's enough, there is no point to add more as there is no time or an interest to listen to them all. How many do you have? How much time it look to put it together? How many of them do you really listen? 
I can't say an actual number but about 10ft. worth. With the advent of streaming and being able to listen to anything- its given rise to buying more.  Seeking out albums from years ago that you've discovered from streaming- and never mind discovering new stuff.  It'll stop when I can't make it to the store or click here. I will say I'll only buy an album if I like the majority of the album and not one or two songs.  I try to keep it to - all killer no filler. And when I get into a musical rut, I go back to the classics. I suggest that for everyone- whatever that may be for you!  happy listening!
I own roughly 1000 albums.  I listen to about 100 -the Beatles and Beach Boys remasters, Electric Light Orchestra.  The Frank Zappa instrumental albums.  In jazz, Carla Bley and Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan discs with big bands backing them.  
2,000+ and I listen to 4-5-6 per week. I acquired a few big collections so it will take me years to listen to all of them, but maybe one day... When I'm retired.
I am 49 and got into vinyl for the first time about 15 years ago.  My buying criteria was let's say not too selective in the  I was simply so excited to be spinning records and loving every moment.  The past 5 or so years I have been adding more audiophile recordings and am around 1000 in total.  I added 100 in 2020 and already 39 YTD.  If you load your collection into Discogs this is an easy stat to determine.  I listen around 50-60 hours a week.  I have been working from home throughout the pandemic so the stereo is on most of every day.  I was talking to an audio buddy this week about this and I probably need to remove at least 100-200 as I never touch them.  I already have about 200 that I officially decided to not touch but haven't done anything with them.  There is an exciting listening library being constructed in our old Sears warehouse/distribution/retail center here in Memphis(Crosstown Concourse).  EgglestonWorks has partnered with them to set up their speakers in this music library that will be open to the public.  Not sure mine would be wanted but I may offer to them as a donation.   
I have around 4,000 LPs -  classical, jazz and pop. The movers messed up my filing when we moved a few years ago, and we have just finished resorting. I took the opportunity to sift for duplicates and albums I really didn't want to keep and am sending 6 moving boxes to the local vinyl store.

And yes, when I have the time to sit down and do serious listening, it is almost always to vinyl. I have as large a digital collection and it gets used for background and for serious listening when I don't have the material duplicated on vinyl.