How much are AR AR3's worth these days?

So I have these Acoustic Research AR3s that I found at an estate sale. The speakers were held hostage inside some nice walnut cabinet cabinets, and so the grills and dark walnut veneer never really saw (literally) the light of day. But Im having trouble pricing them accordingly.

The AR3s have been protected in there for years if not decad, based on the 1970s/1980s furniture design.. Both speakers worked OK, but now one speaker has petered out and is not working. First the midrange started going out, then the tweeter, and finally the woofer.

But its easy to replace the foam/rubber, drivers, pots, etc. Lots of DIY vids for vintage AR3s online.

Unfortunately, I have to move again and cannot take these AR3s with me. And I never got a chance to refurb them, but oh well.

An internet search showed that these go for $1200-2500. Most were in decent shape, but some looked like the dog had peed on them for years (or decades!). Cosmetically, my pair seems to be the best of the bunch for original AR3s. Some looked very good but had been refurbed.

So, what price would you sell them for?

I put an ad on Craigslist last night for $1000 and within 5-10 minutes, I had 4 offers to buy at my asking price.

I quickly took down the ad and told them I would be in touch.

What do you think??

oh, you can see the pics here on my Google doc page:


I 2nd, take the grand and run.....providing the buyer understands the reconditioning required on them.....
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