How much difference could a simple Banana plug make?

Well - I've tried several different types of Banana connector over the past 8-10 years and although there were subtle improvements from one plug to another, there was never any "remarkable" improvements.

That was - until yesterday !

My - how things changed :-)

If you search the forums, you'll find several posts and reviews by me touting the benefits attained by using products from KLE Innovations. I like them a lot and consider them among the best products in the market.

The  KLEI™Classic Harmony Banana Connector/Adaptor is not just "another Banana Plug"

To start with, it is designed to be multi functional - you can use it as...
- A single Banana Connector
- A stack-able Bananas Connector - e.g. it allows you to easily attach jumpers  when connecting a single cable to a bi-wired speaker 
- A Banana Adapter - e.g. as a temporary connection of bi-wired cables to a single wire speaker i.e. without leaving one set not connected.

There may also be other uses that I am yet to discover.

What makes these plug so special
1. they boast an impressive IACS conductivity rating >101%  - that's impressive for a copper product
2. they are engineered to allow another banana plug to be inserted into the insulated housing
3. they have perfectly round spring pins - most spring pins are not completely round
4. they fit into all of the banana terminals I have tried with an unforced "snugness" that grips the speaker and amp terminals securely.
5. they are dead simple to connect using solder
6. removal is also very easy if you want to try them on a different cables

KLE Innovators state they can be crimped, but that's not something I would personally try - perhaps that have a special crimping tool?

So how did this unassuming looking little banana improve sound quality ?...
1. the most noticeable improvement was the width and depth of the image - much bigger than my room
2. overall clarity was front and center and added some nice "sparkle" in the high end
3. instrument placement and isolation within the image was improved
4. The dynamics were noticeably faster.
5. additional texture in bass lines were very nicely reproduced

I think the best genre of music that shows off the full capability of these bananas is classical - even my worst recording sounded very spacious and allowed be to discern the distinct boundaries of first/second viollins, violas, cellos and double bass sections within the orchestra and the added depth placed brass, woodwind and percussion in equally isolated spaces front to back within the image

"Is This Love", by Bob Marley was cavernous and sounded like it was being performed in a stadium!

These connectors also excel in allowing micro details such as subtle venue reverberations and reflections to be more noticeable than with any other banana connector I have used in the past.

If the speaker cables in your system utilizes a more standard Banana plug -  I'd highly recommend replacing them with the KLEI Bananas.

Cost is $135 Aussie Dollars (about $100 US)

What did I use before these?

The most recent was a spring connector from ebay like this

Other "named" products included Spring Banana plugs from Neotech and a pure copper connector from Furez - none of which performed to the level of this plug

There are not many products that improve sound this much for $100 - go on - give em a try!

Back to the tunes :-)

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Because of the superb engineering of these plugs - i.e. how round they are - I would guess it is the "roundness" that is responsible for the very snug grip and not the force applied by the natural "spring" in the material as with similarly designed products

Plugs that are not perfectly round will loosen over time with the weight of the cables, because of the gaps..

Since you have to apply very little pressure to insert them I believe they could take many insertions without loosing their grip and with "normal use" should last a very long time.

I have been using spring style bananas for several years and these are as close to perfectly round as I have seen.

I'll post a full review once they have fully burned in - but as of this post they are sounding very good

Yesterday, I played an exceptionally nice Tacet recording...

It's one of the most detailed recordings in my collection and perhaps one of the best for gauging the abilities of my system because it's a single violin.
The reflections within the venue were nothing short of spectacular - multiple reflections of the violin bouncing off of the walls left me wondering...
- had I finally reached the end of my audio journey? 

As we all know - one plug alone will not elevate a system to a performance of this level - the rest of the cables have to be able to match (or better) the abilities of these plugs.

I believe my cables are largely responsible for the performance, since my components are what I consider to be modestly priced by today's standards (approximately $12k)
- Bluesound Node 2
- Simmaudio Moon LP5.3 RS
- Audiomods Arm + Denon 103 cartridge with Soundsmith mods
- Gershman Acoustics - Sonogram speakers

My cables are all DIY of my own helix design... 

If DIY is not "your thing" then I highly recommend the cables from KLE Innovations - most of which I have tried and compared to some established and respected brands. The reviews are on the KLEI site - see reviews by Steve Reeve

They have a model to fit most budgets and they all perform way beyond the abilities of all of the other commercial brands I have tried.

I consider Keith Louie Eichmann a "Grand Master" in the field of connectors and cables.
Since his early days as inventor of the original Eichmann Copper and Silver Bullet RCA plugs, he has continued to develop his outstanding new line of products.

They are exceptional indeed and would elevate any system to exciting levels of performance.

Take a look at his web site

Now it may seem like I'm banging the KLE Innovations drum rather loudly?

However - I have NO affiliation to KLE Innovations - I use and promote their products simply because they are exceptional performers - not just in my system, but also on all other systems I have tried them on. 

Cheers - Steve

I've not tried klei cables, as your designs are the sh*t, willie, but man, I love his RCAs. Such simple, effective design. A great way to terminate Willie's helix design!
@toddverrone - KLE Innovations cables were the "yardstick" by which I gauged the performance of the Helix cables.

I have found that there are people that love to try DIY stuff, like yourself, and others that feel they lack the necessary skills - in which case I have no problem recommending KLE Innovations products - not only are they great performers, they are reasonably priced, i.e. compared to the competition in the market place.

If you "love" his RCA’s - when you see the simple elegance of his design "in the flesh" - I think you’ll go bananas (I’m really sorry, I just couldn’t resist) :-)