How much discount typically for a new MC275 to expect from a dealer?

I'm not interested at this time going used. No stock in my area, I'll have to order or go out of town. McIntosh has a pretty tight grip on their dealers, so I imagine not finding any here on AG. Just curious what to expect when making an offer. I'm not going to pay full retail. Ideas, thoughts? I'm not interested in other brands or amp ideas. I'm just researching Macintosh at this point in time. 
Find a walk in store that sells in quantity, then offer them 20% below retail.  Walk if they balk.
Another point...McIntosh actively prevents dealers from selling outside of their home market.  If you haven't been to a store and gotten a demo, they cannot sell to you without risking their (very valuable) franchise.  So "calling around" for a discount is usually a waste of time.  I agree with Miner that the best way to get a deal is to have a dealer who you patronize over time, who feels invested in your ongoing pursuit of your hobby and is willing to work with you.
"Find a walk in store that sells in quantity, then offer them 20% below retail. Walk if they balk."

If this will be you plan, you might want to wear comfortable shoes.

Agree with others that discounts on McIntosh are not normal. If you do find a discount, my guess would be in the 5 -10% range.

Not sure if it works with Macintosh but some dealers (for other restricted brands) will provide a generous trade in allowance as a sort of non-discount discount, if you have something to trade.