How much $$ do bells and whistles add to preamp?

Hi All, I’m looking for a new preamp, but I don’t want or need things like home theater bypass, streaming, DAC, headphones, etc. Just a great preamp (maybe with phono). I’m looking at lots of models (Like Classe, Wyred4Sound, Peachtree, etc.) that come with lots of extras, and I’m wondering how much of the price devolves to those add-ons that I don’t want. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, as usual.

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Belles Audio Aria Signature preamp would be perfect.  Talk to John Rutan at Audio Connection.

Take a look at the Aesthetix Pallene you can get it with line leveler or you can add a phono,DAC or upgrade the headphone amp you can add them at any time  I have one just with line level it is a new preamp for Aesthetix it is not on their web site but it is the preamp from the Mimus integrated amp a few of us on Audiogon have it

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I guess I wasn't completely clear in my initial posting.  I'm wondering how much add-ons add to a preamp's price.  For example, is a $6K preamp with a DAC and streaming really a $4K, $4.5K, 5K preamp.  I'm asking just in case I find something I like but it has extras, I'd like to know exactly what I'm paying for.

I have to have remote, XLR in and out along with RCA inputs and outputs .   Bare bones other than that .   No internal DAC , would probably get an outboard phono stage ….

Do you want a classic stereo preamp or more of a DAC that serves as your preamp?