I think most audiophiles would like to think it's all about the sound, but for me there's often many factors not related specifically to sound quality, that play a big part when deciding what audio component to buy.  Perceived build quality, brand name reputation, specs, even things mostly related to appearance can have a big influence.  I have for years, pursued matched, one-brand systems and seemingly can not be truly content with my two-channel rig otherwise, regardless of the performance or build quality of specific components.  I sometimes think the whole process is, for me, more an exercise in obsessive behavior than a rational pursuit of a logical outcome.  So how about you?   Any tales of audiophilia nervosa  you'd be willing to share? 
I definitely take other things into consideration when buying gear.

I’m probably in the minority, but I am willing to pay a little more because I trust the dealer for honest advice and after-the-sale service.

That being said, I no longer buy brands that have very low resale values. 
It's been a dry January for me and I've made a lot less audio purchases as a result. So I guess alcohol is a non-audio factor. 
I am UK based so huge sized products designed for the American market are no use, I just don't have the space and if the equipment is ugly or flashy looking then it's not coming through my front door so no Chord steam punk kit thank you very much. Sleek and modern for example Rega Planar 8 or 10 is more my style
+1 P8 @yespsb. Phenomenal value, great arm, perfect dust cover, design. Put it on a wall shelf and it would be tough to beat at multiple times the cost.
@danvignau   Please read what I wrote.  I said I won't buy any products made by a company owned by the GOVERNMENT of the PRC.  This would be companies like Cayin which is entirely owned by the Chinese government or Prima Luna which manufactures their gear in factories owned by the Chinese government.  Buying from the Chinese government increases the chances that you are buying something made by slave or forced labor.

It is not true that all audio components must contain Chinese parts.  It takes a bit of research-and yes, a bit more money sometimes-but there are plenty of companies that make good, affordable stuff that don't don't take the China road.  It is a personal decision based on my experience of the world.  I was just answering the question posed by the OP.  I know from past discussions that others have very different outlooks on the subject.