I think most audiophiles would like to think it's all about the sound, but for me there's often many factors not related specifically to sound quality, that play a big part when deciding what audio component to buy.  Perceived build quality, brand name reputation, specs, even things mostly related to appearance can have a big influence.  I have for years, pursued matched, one-brand systems and seemingly can not be truly content with my two-channel rig otherwise, regardless of the performance or build quality of specific components.  I sometimes think the whole process is, for me, more an exercise in obsessive behavior than a rational pursuit of a logical outcome.  So how about you?   Any tales of audiophilia nervosa  you'd be willing to share? 
     Just like many Walmart shoppers, of which I am certainly not,  if an audio product from China were good enough and the right price, I might try it, but so far, all of my electronics are American or Canadian, and my speakers are British, with only American ones before  that.  Does that mean I am prejudiced against non-English speaking people.  No:  Even though I prefer blonds, I certainly have not restricted myself to them.
     As far as the politics of China,  At least here in America, we can rest in peace knowing that our corporate rulers would never pay low wages and deny basic human benefits simply to buy a bigger jet or yacht, huh?  Or, in Melania's case, the  $50,000 purse from her collection, that she was recently carrying in news clips. 
it has to be in my budget. if i can not payoff credit card that month forget it. i also have to be able to move the equipment myself. both of these constraints make my purchases quite limited but i have found wonderful sounding gear (to me) over the years
KEF speakers are designed in The UK and their super expensive top of the line ones are made there. Others are made in China. Their company is not a Chinese company. They build incredibly high quality speakers and I am sure their factory in China has very skilled workers, If my speakers were made in the  UK, they would cost way more and KEF wouldn’t get the sale. 
It is efficient market driven economics. All Chinese products are not make in sweat shops. If someone pays more knowingly because something is made in the US, it’s certainly their right, but to quote Walmart, they are not living better. 
A value conscious consumer will evaluate products on a level playing field. Foreign parts availability or lack thereof is one factor to weigh.
Last time I looked, the KEF speaker company was owned by the Hong Kong based conglomerate Gold Peak Group.  The speakers have a British association but not British ownership.