How much does your system retail for?

$23,000 - $24,000 I estimate. (Two channel, this does not include TV, VCR, etc.)

Please, keep the exagerations to a minumum, do not count CD's, equipment you have bought and sold, is packed away that you don't use anymore, etc..

Put the total first so it shows up at the begining of your post.

This is just for fun and curiosity of the diversity on here, don't take it to seriously. Simply evaluate what the retail value of your system is.
My only regret in spending about 21K is that I didn't spend it sooner so I would be enjoying this equiptment for a larger precentage of my life
$9000 for 2-ch (actually paid $6700) and another $2800 for HT. I'm guesstimating $17000 for cd's and LPs.

This thread has been a fun read. I was surprised at the number of individuals that have $100,000+ systems. Believe me, if I had that kind of coin, I'd be right there with you guys.

About $15K for my 2 ch main system; $3k for HT; and about $2.5k for a 2ch home-brewed tube system( bdrm).

Have spent $12,653 including racks, tubes, tweaks (everything listed in my "system". Retail is $30,278.