How much does your system retail for?

$23,000 - $24,000 I estimate. (Two channel, this does not include TV, VCR, etc.)

Please, keep the exagerations to a minumum, do not count CD's, equipment you have bought and sold, is packed away that you don't use anymore, etc..

Put the total first so it shows up at the begining of your post.

This is just for fun and curiosity of the diversity on here, don't take it to seriously. Simply evaluate what the retail value of your system is.
No, Albertporter. An old friend of mine was in the habit of using "A buck two eighty-five and some change", which, would be more precise.
It ain't about the $'s "When you turn it on, does it return the favor?" I buy almost everything used, it is the only way I found to be happy and stay on budget. I spent about $2.5K on equipment that probably sold for $6-7K when new. It's the program material is where I get in trouble; when you hit 5,000 titles, you know you have a problem.
It's not about the money, but money can buy you better sound. Three years ago I needed to be the mood to listen. I've replaced every piece of gear since then. Now I listen every moment I can spare. Retail is up to 63K and have invested 39K. Audiogon is a beautiful thing.
Headphones Only

Source $22K
Headphone Amp $14K
Atomic Clock $8K
Headphones(5 pair) $8.5K
Cables $12K
Power Conditioning $12K
Rack $5K

Total $81.5 retail. $48.5 invested

Crazy, huh