How much does your system retail for?

$23,000 - $24,000 I estimate. (Two channel, this does not include TV, VCR, etc.)

Please, keep the exagerations to a minumum, do not count CD's, equipment you have bought and sold, is packed away that you don't use anymore, etc..

Put the total first so it shows up at the begining of your post.

This is just for fun and curiosity of the diversity on here, don't take it to seriously. Simply evaluate what the retail value of your system is.
Speakers- B&W 802 Diamond-$15,000
CDP/DAC/Pre- Burmester 089-$30,000
BDP- LG590-$350
Cables- Transparent Reference- $7,000
Powercords- Bybee-$8,000
Plasma- Fujitsu 50"- $6500
Siamese cat- Suki- priceless
Roughly 20K on HT and audio setup. this is the price of the current setup, not taking into account the various buying and selling. CDs and DVDs are not included.

Split is 11,000 for the Audio
9,000 for the HT.
About $15K or $30K if you include the offsetting jewelry purchases my wife decided were required with every purchase of audio gear. This came up as a point of discussion after I bought my second piece of gear about 10 years ago. What the hell, it's cheaper than a divorce!

My wife loves my system and encourages me to purchase upgrades whenever I please. (with the offsetting jewelry of course)
Right around the $25k mark for my 2 channel but will probably break the thirty mark when I settle on an amplifier.

It has taken me a while to get here, but I think I'm nearing completion on this rig. When I have a larger place I'd love to build a second system though focused around bang for the buck equipment.