How much does your system weigh?

OK, sleepy and bored I was mildly amused to figure that my system with amps, preamps, DACs, Turntable and speakers weighs well over 1000lbs, though the main speakers amount to over 600lbs alone.
So there you have it, I have no life and this is what I think of in the small hours not being able to sleep and I figured this was a fun topic to post.....maybe not.
Happy Holidays to all!
340lbs for the entire system not including cables, isolation devices and room tuning. Adding all of that in would bring the total to around 525lbs - got to love simplicity and high effeciency speakers
Mine most likely runs in excess or 1000 lbs. Dunlavy V's are 300 lbs each. Classe mono blocks about 140 lbs each. Pre amp and Cd player does not weigh much - may be 40 lbs total. Not counting cables and stand total two channel weight about 920 lbs. If you count multichannel system then add another 600 lbs for speakers, multichannel amp, surround processor, sub. Total now would be around 1500 lbs!!

My second system would weigh less than half of the above. Dunlavy IVs alone 200 lbs each. I would say about 550 lbs!!