How much gain is needed in a Phono Preamp for a 0.2 to 0.3mv low output moving coil?

I have been out of audio for 25 years and am now getting back into getting a system. I have looked at Manley Chinook, Ear 834p, and Audio research 5, 6, 7 Phono preamps, after reading thru many or post on Audiogon. All have about 57db gain to 60 bd gain. I have been looking at getting either a Dynavector 10x5, Benz micro Silver, Ortofon Quintet Black, or a used Benz Ruby Z (if I can find the money). Is 57db enough gain for the cartridges. I would also welcome feedback on the Phono Preamp. I am leaning toward the ARC PH7 or Manley. Either would be around the same price. I would prefer to stay with tubes. The turntable is a VPI Prime. Any help or opinion would be greatly appreciated.

probably least expensive way to find out what correct loading and gainwill mean to you is to buy or borrow an ifi 2 Phono stage. Plenty of load settings and 72db gain not to mention sound that will embarrass many Phono pres in the sub $3k. Don't buy or borrow the original ifi which won't get you the gain you need. In fact, buy one on amoney back deal from Music Direct. I don't think you will send it back. Yes, there is a meaningful interplay between load and gain.
I run my benz ebony lp-s on the graham phantom II and TW acustic raven 1 into the steelhead's mm input, 60db gain setting, joule la 300, music reference rm 10, quintessence stealth, and it provides plenty of gain.  Sounds good too! 
i went with the RCM sensor II which worked well with my ZYX Universe II lomc. I had been using the ZYX artisan as my Phono preamp, but it just did not have enough gain(it is fixed). Mehran suggested (similar to another person on this thread) the stepup by ZYX and the RCM for me to tryout. After using both, i preferred the RCM. 
I agree that 45db in the Chinook is plenty of gain for my 10x5.  Sounds great!