How much gain is needed in a Phono Preamp for a 0.2 to 0.3mv low output moving coil?

I have been out of audio for 25 years and am now getting back into getting a system. I have looked at Manley Chinook, Ear 834p, and Audio research 5, 6, 7 Phono preamps, after reading thru many or post on Audiogon. All have about 57db gain to 60 bd gain. I have been looking at getting either a Dynavector 10x5, Benz micro Silver, Ortofon Quintet Black, or a used Benz Ruby Z (if I can find the money). Is 57db enough gain for the cartridges. I would also welcome feedback on the Phono Preamp. I am leaning toward the ARC PH7 or Manley. Either would be around the same price. I would prefer to stay with tubes. The turntable is a VPI Prime. Any help or opinion would be greatly appreciated.
I agree that 45db in the Chinook is plenty of gain for my 10x5.  Sounds great!
Ditto - VPI Dynavector 20x2L with 15dB SUT and 46dB on phono pre (61db todal) works really well with still enough headroom.

The obvious assertion in this thread (so far) is that ''any'' phono-

pre has just two amplifications , say, 40 dB for the MM and + 56

for the MC kinds. But I own two phono-pres (Basis Exclusiive) and

Klyne 3.5 with 4 amplification stages for the MC 's. The lowest

possible are recommended for the given cart. The reason being

''the higher the amplification the higher distortions''. So , say, 70

dB is recommended for low output cartridges. Before I become

member of this (analog) forum I deed not think to need more than

just one single cart. But because I also become member of the

so called MM thread I collected more than 60 carts, 40 among

them of the MC kind. I never bought any high output MC cart but

my collection ''range'' from 0.05 mV (MC 2000) till 0,45 mV

(Sony XL 88). So, I assume, the contributors to this thread own

just one LOMC (grin).

One of the recurring problems with PHONO stages is that they have a relatively low gain in MC, and values below 60 dB may be considered inappropriate.
Fortunately ARCAM has produced (and is still possible to buy first-hand) a PHONO amplifier with up to 82dB MC gain:  ARCAM rPhono.