How much gear do you own?

Do you have multiples of amps, preamps, speakers, cables, etc?

I do, and am starting to realize it's leaning hard toward a sickness rather than a passionate hobby.  Either that, or I'm getting up in age and tired of all the "stuff" I've acquired taking up so much space.

I went through a phase about ten years ago where I got tired of stereo gear and dumped most of it.  I really regretted it after a few years and acquired most (and then much more) back.

But this time it feels different somehow.  And I really think it has to do with my age...pushing 60.

Others go through this?



I don’t have a lot of audio gear...I try to keep it simple. But I have another problem. I married late so I got into a lot of hobbies. But they don’t feel like hobbies...they’re a part of me but I can’t seem to reduce the herd.

Besides the audio systems there’s a small cymbal collection (I’m a drummer), a bunch of vintage bicycles and components (trying to sell my hoarding of nos Campagnolo components from different eras), golf clubs, Japanese Koi, 1968 Mustang fastback, mid century modern furniture and lighting. Im sure I've missed a thing or two...

I was a lonely guy for a while...they’ve kept me out of trouble.

There are worse things to waste your money on.

Austere: turntable, depop/declick gadget, cassette machine, CD player, stepped attenuator, amplifier, speakers (splurged, 2 pair), no tuner, no preamp, no streaming, assorted interconnect wires

'realize it's leaning hard toward a sickness'

Definitely, you really need help as I have heard that its a serious compulsive disorder.  Maybe a year of therapy would help, good thing is that you will be spending what spare cash you have on therapy and not acquiring more gear.   This condition can be quite financially debilitating, as well as the stress in hiding all your new acquisition from close family members, especially if you have a wife 😨

When you have found a solution and a good therapist please let me know .. maybe then I can be saved before its too late 🙄

@havocman What everyone else has going for them is that they didn’t call anyone a “dumbass” as you did. Being abusive is really uncool. 

Too much. I've started thinning out the stuff that I'm least interested in working on or completing Just going to keep a couple of the main components and maybe 10 amplifiers. Still will have a lot in the estate sale!