How much gear do you own?

Do you have multiples of amps, preamps, speakers, cables, etc?

I do, and am starting to realize it's leaning hard toward a sickness rather than a passionate hobby.  Either that, or I'm getting up in age and tired of all the "stuff" I've acquired taking up so much space.

I went through a phase about ten years ago where I got tired of stereo gear and dumped most of it.  I really regretted it after a few years and acquired most (and then much more) back.

But this time it feels different somehow.  And I really think it has to do with my age...pushing 60.

Others go through this?



3 integrated amps, 7 turntables, 3 cassette decks, 4 pairs of speakers ( that’s not counting my dedicated home theater 5.1 + atmos)...4 headphone amps, 4 phono preamps, 15 cartridges, 15 or more pair of headphones, 5 tuners, 3 dacs, 1 sacd player, 1 cd player, 2 cd transports, 1 mini disc player/recorder, 1 streamer, 2 bluetooth modules, countless cables and interconnects, tubes, etc....and I lost count on the LP’s, CD’s, cassettes....I'm sick...

I cycle through gear and sell what I'm not using. I've seen too many episodes of HOARDERS to do otherwise.

But I'm also realistic. I know if I sell my Oktoresearch DAC8 Stereo or Krell amp I'm going to hate myself. Even my wife, who is gear agnostic, advised me to keep the Okto, because she knows how amazing it is and how hard to get. 

At least 7 integrated amps. 3 CD players, 2 turntables. 1 tuner, 2 streamers. Multiple cables, 5 pairs of speakers. That's only for two rooms. 

In my late 60s time pair down, just been too lazy.

OK.  So I’m already starting to back-track my decision.  Maybe I’ll “keep” the gear that’s difficult to replace should I ever decide to get it again but still dump the majority of the stuff.




Two tube integrated’s. Both KT88 based and one also does EL34, which I’m running original Winged C Svetlana’s in. I don’t miss having a preamp.