How much is "LOUD" still a reference point for some?

Do you feel that with speakers things are about the same as they were in the 1970s?  In the early days of Magnepan, Advent, Dahlquist and more, much of the competition was in speakers that sounded like a Jukebox and played LOUD.   Has this changed or is "LOUD" still the point of reference for many? 

Thanks for your responses.  An ability to play well softly or loud is up to the buyer/owner desire and taste choices.  Nothing wrong with loud or long as any neighbors are o.k. with loud. 

Take care in this time of concerns.

Given the lack of SPL meters and astute level matching I would say loud colors many decisions.... unfortunately 
I pretty much only play loud, Bach to Motorhead and everything in between, so that's my only listening range. And Magnepans still are around and still do play loud if you have the power. Have a newish pair. 
I try to set my Maggie's loudness level as if I was at a live event and what my Wife will tolerate!
I have a very powerful amp driving the Maggie's 
so the music is very dynamic, even at lthe ower levels
How many watts are your amps and how loud at DB levels do you get your Maggie pans