How much money do you want to waste?

From everything I have read there is no proof that spending mega$$$$$ on cables does anything. A good place to start is Go to the audio articles and read the cable article. From there pick up something(anything) by Lynn Olson and then do some digging. Ask your dealer for any study done by any manufacturer on how cables improve sound - good luck. The most hype and the most wasted money in audio is in cables these days. It's the bubble of the day in audio and , by the way, one of the big money makers for the industry. You might as well invest in tulip bulbs. Spend your audio buck where it counts.

I have a couple friends who make there own tube amps and they get better sound out of power systems that cost less then a lot of people blow on cables.

Beautiful response ASA and Clueless, Kant used Koenigsberg hemp. Nice to smoke in your pipe too!
Is Zaikes using a "ivory tower" metaphor hidden behind his objective arguements?

If so, I'd have to say this post interests me because we're examining the factors of audio system building holistically with the understanding of technology and the human understanding of it.

Ok, I am going to digress and practice writing in Chinese now. I've had enough of audio for now.
Star Trekkies abound. anyways most of what i have read comes from another planet... I let my lawyer do all the talking when it comes to metaphysics etc. it makes just as much sense... good to see everyone having fun...
I'm sorry, I just have to do a quick tabulation. For having the temerity to think, and to, heavens forbid (although I don't think heaven is forbidding it...), discuss the partiality of the ratio-empiric, hypothetico-deductive, formal operational lens of the human mind, I have been labeled:

1. irrational
2. surreal
3. "attacking" etc., etc.,

and now,

4. a "Trekkie" (read: dysfunctional loser)


5. an alien.

When I said that even talking about this subject would bring the priests of science out from the woodwork in inquisition, I didn't think that it would be SO EASY.

And so it goes...

Anyway, Detlof, a three foot Grafix (sp?) is (was, actually) more my speed.

Quick! Stone the Witch!!!
Asa: rumour has it that a king of Hungary once remarked "we cannot burn (or stone) witches for the simple reason that witches do not exist!"
You're safe!