How much of your free time is dedicated to listening to your stereo?

About 70 percent of my recreational time is used listening to my stereo. I will also be using my phone some of the time. I don't look at TV much at all. An occasional movie and two TV series. I'm a hardcore audiophile. Nothing else stimulates my dopamine reward system like music does. When I was 8 or 9 and discovered music, it was all enveloping in my life. I'm unbalanced but right now as I'm listening to PF "The Wall" I'm taken away to a rush of feelings and emotions. Like Jimi Hendrix said "Music is a safe kind of high".
What is this thing, "free time" of that you speak? I know not of this concept ... jk, sort of, well, not really ... My current lifestyle allows only one or two sessions per month, about 7 hrs per. That is about all of the free time I get right now.
Usually a 3-6 hour session 1-4 times a week. Not retired or independently wealthy so huge chunks of time wasted working for the man.
Not retired but single which obviously helps-usually get 2-4 hours a day, more on weekends