How much reality do you really need?

The real question to the audiophile  is, “how much reality do you need” to enjoy your system? Does it have to be close to an exact match?  How close before your satisfied?  Pursuing that ideal seems to be the ultimate goal of the audiophile.
The element of your imagination has to come into the equation, or you’ll drive yourself mad.  You have to fill in part of the experience with your mind.
But this explains the phenomenon of “upgraditis.”
Just enough that the illusion distracts and the deception is accepted.

Perfection doesn’t really exist, but it’s fun to let oneself immerse into the fantasy that it’s all at ones’ command....

".... She don’t know what it means
But the music make her want to be the story
And the story was whatever was the song what it was..."

Skateaway...that’s all. ;)
....and generally.....Enough.
I'm actually pretty satisfied. But there's a huge caveat. My old house had a remarkable room. Even with the far away better components I have, my current system cannot compete with the sonics of the old room and my old Carver TFM-35.

I have Salk Songtowers with little 5" woofers. With some tracks that room made them sound like 60" subwoofers. Not sure I can convey this so people understand. It's very if the bass response was just a little thin...but the sub bass was kinda amazing. Felt not heard. Presentation was supremely holographic.

It's as if the floor was made of blackest velvet and the speakers were softly gliding the entire room floor with you on it 12' at a time. Immense power.

In this house, in this room...they sound fuller in the bass and mid bass...semi holographic but lack the magic. 

I currently have two dedicated lines here on a 200 amp service.That house had a 1957 100 amp service and I used a shared circuit.

It took me 3 years to find that spot in that room.

Wish I'd realized the 'it's the room dummy' lesson years ago.


Yes. All of it. Every piece of information. And it actually sounds quite good, gloriously good. At least that's what I get with my ATC SCM7 V3 speakers + my Chord Qutest DAC. 
Recently Lewis Hamilton seems to be needing more horsepower. We'll see how that works out.

I like the sound of rooms along with whatever my hifi is spewing out, and was worried my newly acquired house was gonna be way too live in the high ceilinged long living's not. Sounds amazing...reality bites.
I'm in the Master M camp. Reality is what you make it. MONEY, (as some have implied) has nothing to do with the reality of sound. TIME and experiments do.. 

If reality in sound equates to money invested, what do you do with ear buds or head phones? Say they don't sound good, when we all know they do. Some better than others. BUT a free pair that comes with a phone sound pretty good. Total cost .50 cents including packaging.

Set of earbuds and that right! Time to DANCE..

Hat on the floor and I slowly walk around the hat to the beat of the music, BUT my faithful K-9 can't keep the beat because she's got NO EAR BUDS!!. But she tries.. NOW we stop and slowly back around the hat to the beat... :-)