How much should I pay for a 2001 Thiel CS 3.6?

Hi guys
I'm a novice to this audiophile business.
Came across an offer and opportunity to buy a 10-year-old Thiel CS 3.6 here in town.
Went to listen and see them. They look in great condition and sound fantastic (of course the guy has an $11k, 300W amp etc so that helps..). Is there anything specific I should check for? How much should I pay for these? should I be concerned that they'll be in a bad condition in a few years?
You might want to keep your eyes open for a pair of used B&K M200 monos. Which Goertz cables did you get? Do they have the RC networks (zobels)?
Hi guys
So - wanted to share with you, for closure - that I bought the Thiels with a set of Goentz cables for $1400. Thanks everyone for your insights and help!!
Closure? Hell, your just getting started.
Keep us posted on the progress.
I'm an NAD fanboi but you are better off with a MUCH MUCH higher power amp and upgrading to a more refined high power amp in the future. Some of the Adcom 555/5500 series will get you a lot further than a new shiny 80 wpc NAD.

Reason I say this is that I used to own Thiel's and they really needed grunt to sound right. The only way you will get these right, just as others have said, is to power the crap out of them, and that means into a 4 ohm load.
Even 250 watts as a stand alone spec won't necessarily provide what is needed to power these properly. Trust me, I own them and love the sound of them, but it took a Krell 400 cx (even a 300 cx wouldn't do, I tried!) to finally get them to "light up" and pump clear, textural bass as they were designed to. Also, you need current to get them to warm up and sound sweet and delicate when called to do so. When you get the power right though, they are wonderful speakers.

An amp that doesn't flinch into 2+ Ohm territory is de rigeur.