how much should I spend to get a better turntable than my current turntable?

You want details hah!
I bet....

CURRENT: mmf-2.2. A lemon, a complete junk in my opinion. A disaster from the start. What I can I do with it? It was delivered with missing screws, the lift arm level broke in 3 months, all I got in the name of warranty a list of things not under warranty. I don't want to criticize the brand, maybe I just got unlucky, they are otherwise great. 

What should I get for the littlest investment that would work better than this wobbly, squeaky  thing? 


Sounds like a downgrade from the Music Hall. Hopefully you can return it. The 2.2 is a budget table. I have one still. If you move up to the 5.X or 7.X series or one of the mid-range Pro-ject tables you'll be a lot better off. Maybe a used one already set up for you.

seriously grateful for the feedback to all of you! I do feel this would be a compromise in that it is a so-so upgrade to the music hall. It does sound slightly better but no magic, like my other components. Next stop Rega, it seems?

Just trying to be helpful here, but I think the tonearm balancing instructions in the Fluance manual are not as clear as they could be for folks who are not already familiar with the procedure. 


Step 6 is:

“Set only the counterweight indicator ring to “0” on the center line while keeping the tonearm balanced then lock the tonearm on the tonearm rest.”


Step 6 should be:

“Lock the balanced tonearm on the tonearm rest, then rotate the counterweight indicator ring to zero with one hand while holding the counterweight stationary with the other hand.”

I too would favor a Rega.....they have much experience in building turntables.   I too would agree that any used turntable would need new parts (idler wheel, bearings, etc.) to even approach what they used to do.