how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile?

i am thinking of starting a new hobby. this one seams great! but how much do i have to spend to be able to honestly call myself an audiophile? i saw some grado headphones for about $60 , if i get these can i then make the claim?
Open up your wallet Amigo and you are in ! It is an addiction. Three levels of audiophile Class A, B, or C. Most folks start with Class C. Go to Class A and you are 1/2 way there. Enjoy the music, and see where it will take you. Honestly it is great, "ENJOY".
How much do you spend to be a musician. A composer.? a painter, a chef. Nothing to do with money. If I were to sculpt bust of you in butter or ice. If I were to make a perfect 3d life size copy of a horse on a beach(sand) somewhere . Where does the technique or art need money.

Hi-fi is a guy who can walk into a room with his ears and tune it. Audiophiles need a tech and tools. Buying a $$$ does not qualify as an audiophile. It is just a purchase.

You misunderstand the issue. It's not you whose status is called into question. Everyone who has a system is an Audiophile.

The real issue is, anyone who spent less than you is mid-fi, at best, and anyone who spent even $1 more is a tone deaf idiot with nothing but money to burn, who cares nothing about the quality of the sound, but wants to be recognized as being 'the in crowd!'
Dr R.C. Brockhaus
I have a lot of money in music and equipment and love great sound but don't claim to be an audiophile.