how much to $pend to claim i am an audiophile?

i am thinking of starting a new hobby. this one seams great! but how much do i have to spend to be able to honestly call myself an audiophile? i saw some grado headphones for about $60 , if i get these can i then make the claim?
to answer your question about the grado head phones,yes but only if you listen to patricia barber on them thru a tube amp.
An audiophile is a person who spends exorbitant sums of money on hype and then discovers it's not about what others think but rather what one hears.
It's a bit like buying a boat isn't it? Been There! My audiophile buddy has $100K in his system. But he readily admits there is a bit of ego in there. He is advising me on the initial system set-up - I will be in there for about $15 - 20K He's a friend and his advice has been good. Maggies, Bryston, not sure yet on the processor, cables, etc.