How much to spend to beat $1200 10yr old speakers?

i've had my KEF reference 102/2 stand-mount's(paid $1200 new) for about 10 years now and still enjoy them-but how much would i have to spend on new speakers to beat the ones i have in all or most respects- for example, i've heard alot of good things about the Quad 11L's for $600- is it possible to get more bang for half the price these days? or maybe 3/4 the price with say the Meadowlark swift? any other brand suggestions welcome, thanks
i've got a conrad johnson cav-50 integrated and recently picked up a sony scd ce 775 to satisfy the SACD bug on the cheap
What type of music do you listen to? What do you want to spend? Do you want to stay with monitors? Finally, why do you think you need to replace the KEFs?
i don't know if i need to replace them at all but i might consider it if the concensus is that speaker tech has come far enough in the past ten years that say $600-900 speakers will do everything better than what i have- i listen to acoustic jazz, classical, some pop and bluegrass. i'm just not sure what's out there now, but i'd certainly be ok with keeping my KEF's for a while- i like monitors but i had a chance to listen to the meadowlark swifts and liked them but it was a brief audition and not in my system- alot of the good dealers are about 110 miles away