how much would you say a good set up cost

ok, we all have gear, but now days, what price do you think you have to spend to have a real good system. not over kill, just good equipment, good sound stage. all around mid to mid high. I'm saying at least 30-35 thousand gets you in that level. I was talking the other day with some friends and we never put a price on our gear. you always get this piece now then that later. but have you ever sat down and figured out just what you paid for your system. I was shocked when i did it.
I just went over the spreadsheet that I keep to track my Audio (net) spending, and my current set up (excluding the LCD TV monitor) is at $16k, and it's a v good system by any measure.
Well, I would imagine the term "very good sounding" is probably very subjective and am sure most everyone that is in this hobby will say their system fits that bill. And I am no exception.

I have less than $2000 in my mostly vintage system.

Pair of McIntosh MC40 amps ($600)
Altec 604-8G Model 17s ($150)
CJ PV-10A preamp ($500)
Technics SP25 TT with ATP-12T arm ($60)
Denon 103R ($150) lightly used on Agon
Cinemag SUT ($160)
Marantz CC-65SE CD changer ($20)

The Altecs are nearfield monitors and I haven't done any room treatments. All is hooked up with inexpensive cables and wire.

I am sure it would sound different than a $16K system. But I doubt the owner of the $16K system is any happier with his system than I am of mine.
PK Modified Quad 57 Speakers $3900.00
Quad Classic II Mono amps 2190.00 Demos from Underwood
Quad QC 24 P preamp 1000.00 Demo "

Source and cabling of your choice, how about a Shindo modified 301 System for a total investment of less than your total budget of $30,000.00

Or a Rega P5 MM setup for around $10,!
I'm sorry, but with All Due Respect, it is a sort of meaningless / nutty question.
Compared to 99% of the world, I am wealthy. Yet, I have what around this 'neighborhood' is quite a modest system.
My neighbors think I'm crazy....they all have HTIB!
Maggie 1.6's retail for about 1800$
PS Audio GCC250 retail for about 3500$
CA 840c retail for about 1500$
Cabling / mostly BlueJeans maybe 200$ w/mogami XLR
HSU sub retail for about 500$
PS Audio Soloist outlet for about 200$
Home electric upgrades nearly 600$
OPPO 981DV 250$ delivered! bargain
Panamax Power conditioner 1000$
Room treatments (DIY) 500$ planned budget

Ok, so I've spent FAR more than I thought I had. It's like giving blood....a drop at a all adds up.

The point? Depends.
1. How deep are your pockets?
2. How do YOU perceive price / performance ratio?
3. How influenced are you by 'keep up w/joneses?'
4. What is your level of obsessive /compulsive behavior?
5. Do you swap / buy / sell major equipment more often than 2x a year? (my system was stable for close to 20 yrs)

Remember, it's not a compulsion, it's a hobby....or is it the other way around?