How old are you?

No age is too young or too old. Just general curiosity about the average age of Audiogon members. 

I’ll start. I’m 39.

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Double nickel and a dime. Tunes cranked now and for most of it. 
Time takes its toll; have exact change. 
Lovers of parties,
Lovers of fun,
We are the Class of 81!

So, 57.

Got my first system, an all-in-one unit from Sears with an 8-track player, in 1978. Built my second system myself from parts at Radio Shack and plans I found in books at school. This led to studying electrical engineering in college. After trying a number commercial systems over many years, I am back into building my own tube-based amplifiers to use with commercial sources. Love DIY!
Yah, as I thought... average here is 50-60 years old... the age when it’s ok to spend tons of money for nice sounding gear :)
Yikes, guess I'm Grandpa here-78 years old! Been a Mac fan since 1978, and still enjoying life and Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!