How old are you?

No age is too young or too old. Just general curiosity about the average age of Audiogon members. 

I’ll start. I’m 39.

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Pat Benatar was in my sisters class (71), two year ahead when she was only dating Dennis.
Had a Sansui rig then, family friend get this all started with a Mac rig and Klipsch corner horns and a tt with 3 arms on it...
76 and just can't seem to shake the habit.  Started out with a Heathkit mono amp and an Isophon speaker in a packing crate.  This hobby has seen me thru some pretty crazy times and I still enjoy it.  Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, Joan Baez at DAR Constitution Hall, the Limelighters and the Kingston Trio.  I can't remember them all.  It's been a long trip and its always about the music and how real you can make it.  But I have to admit, I sure love the gear.  It's like watches, cars and cameras (whatever they are).
My dad always said he was 39 Plus whatever he needed to get to his actual age . Presently he is 39 plus 55 . I am 32 years behind him.
he also said he was Brad Pitt several hundred thousand times to whomever he meets . His doctor calls him Brad to humor him. He always gave me a hard time about my spend on stereo equipment . Then again he believes ground beef tastes as good as a nice piece of steak..... growing up during  the depression could not have been easy.
First concert - Mountain with Felix Pappalardi opening for Humble Pie and Steve Marriott at Varsity Stadium Toronto
Started into high end audio 30+/- years ago - Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, Tannoy Speakers, PS Audio Lambda / Micromega Duo BS2

67 yeard old

Music addict since I was 14

I used to hear 20Hz to 20kHz, currently 20Hz to 12kHz, but no difference when it comes to enjoy the music.