How old are your speakers

I am wondering how many listen to old speakers. I am not looking so much as to how long you owned them but how old are they. Are they your primary speakers? I am listening to a pair of 2003 Verity Parsifal Encores and continue to be pretty pleased with them.
Audio Physics Caldera II, i think 1998 vintage, and a set of 1978 Klipschorns. Both sound good, though the Caldera's are by far the best i have heard in my system
The bulk of the speaker system is 12 years old (cabinet, woofers, tweeter, crossover. I switched out the horn midrange for a much better model which is, approximately, 76 years old.
I still own my Snell type A/ll speakers I purchased as a demo pair back in 1982.Very new to the hobby at that time but it has turned out to be a decision I have never regretted. That's 33 years and still counting.
Both 50 years old....
Tannoy GRF Professional ( also called Tudor Autgraph ) c.1965
Tannoy Belvedere Senior c. 1964
As a previous high end importer including Apogee's and Martin Logan's these are it for me. Quick, transparent and wonderful on full scale orchestral music and jazz with a coherency that is seldom matched. Crossovers are updated - revised topology, teflon boards, duellunds etc.