How old are your speakers

I am wondering how many listen to old speakers. I am not looking so much as to how long you owned them but how old are they. Are they your primary speakers? I am listening to a pair of 2003 Verity Parsifal Encores and continue to be pretty pleased with them.
My previous speakers (Quad 21L) were 12.5 years old when I sold them. Current speakers are 3 months old.
i've heard the phrase 'bose, no highs, no lows' but i have 4 901's series 2 speakers which i bought back in i think 1972.
The Bose 901 works pretty well as a P.A. loudspeaker. Needs a LOT of power, however. 
i should buy better speakers but have no funds since i'm retired. i do have 600 watts per chanell though.