How old is your cartridge?

We read and hear about cartridges that are ancient that people are still using, and we read about others replacing their cartridge after a few years because the cartridge is spent. 
How old is your cartridge that you use regularly? 
I know one person still spinning a Shure V15 Type II Improved with a stylus that is probably about 30 years old. The cartridge itself was purchased by the guy new in the early 70’s. 
My cartridge, a Linn Arkiv B, is 18 or 19 years old and it’s definitely tired by now. 
Thanks all for responding! 
Dear @audite84: As I posted the re-tipper will check suspension too and if need it to fix it then he will does.

Now, VdH will use it’s own stylus profile/shape that Dr. VDH designed: the VdH one that’s way better than the original and that is the one he uses with the VDH cartridges ( yes, finer profile. ).
Don’t worry about your MK3 will sounds/performs better than ever.

Build date

Mid 1960s - Decca C4E - checked over and retipped by John Wright (London Cartridges) - this is my main system "daily user"
Late 60s - Ortofon SL15 ELL - checked and paratrace retip by Expert Stylus
1981 - Decca Gold Garrott Bros rebuild with later retip by John Wright
1980s - Denon DL103CII - Expert Stylus white sapphire cantilever and paratrace - my study system "daily user"
2003 - Allaerts MC1B - rebuilt and retipped by JA - my other main system "daily user"
2000s - Garrott P77i

1980s - numerous others in the spare cupboard - all working
AKG P8ES Super Nova, Ortofon M20FL, Ortofon VMS30, NOS Grado FTE+

Currently listening to early 80's Pickering XSV/4000 on my Technics 1200 GR. I bought mine from Russian time traveler, NOS condition. It's excellent!
Todays cart flavor is the Pioneer PC-1000 mk2 with Beryllium cantilever. This cart was made in the 70's for legendary Pioneer Exclusive series of turntables and tonearms. Damn good!!!
I am using a pickering XSV 3000 with stereohedron stylus for the past two years nearly every day.  still sounds great.  I am starting to think the older MM have a longer lifespan due to the lower tracking force.