How old of McIntosh SS stereo anp

Just curious, how old of McIntosh 2 ch SS amp, if well cared for, would you consider to purchase and not be worried about needing service? Of course, things happen, but in a general sense. Many say if buying older amp, replace caps, etc. I’ve also heard that Macs rarely need service and should provide lifetime of service if taken care if. With that said, I hardly believe that older equipment does not reach a point that it needs service.  Maybe a place like Audio Classics may be ideal. Opinions?
I've owned many Mac amps, all of them 20 plus years old. I had a MC-2300 for example and sent it Mac after years of use for a 'tune up', as I figured it would need something.  (Needed the 'mac' crate to ship the beast).  Anyway, between the amp and C-29 preamp that went with it all that was done was a light bulb replacement.  Both units exceeded spec and no repairs or upgrades were needed.  This is very typical of Mac gear, and truthfully of most well made vintage gear.  I thought for sure that they would re-cap something, but there was no reason too.  Mac still services everything they build and their service department is first rate.  
Listen to the amp, if it sounds good and had been cared for buy it.  
Mac served me well for many years.  

Thanks for input. The entry level MC152 is $4500. A bit out of my budget. I'm hoping to find a nice used unit for half that. However, even that is hard to come by 
The 7270 was a great amp. I bought a new one in 1990 ran it for 20 years and it needed nothing when I sold it. Good luck.
leap in !!
Mike Samra from Saginaw is rebuilding my 1961 MC240. Mike is buds with Terry who was busy and Mike does some mods that take amp to next level while modernizing components.
i have a MC250 also that sounds fantastic running brother in Laws Vandersteen2 with ARC SP6 front end
Audio classics rebuilt my MX-110 and did fantastic job !!!