How's this for synergy? of events

My wife is in Italy for ten days.

I got a new/used pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios on Sunday.

It's holiday season so Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is available in the stores.

Let the music loose!

Plus, it has been minus tide for the last four days so the dog walkin' has been awesome.
My wife and daughter usually go with my in-laws for a couple of weeks in the summer, and even though I do miss them, it is a great time to have all my audiophile buddies over. Also a great time to try some new tequilas (I prefer Blanco's) and some new brews, and fire up the grill of course!
Man! sounds like all the posters here have a deep set appreciation for Beer, Tequila, and enjoying a little uninterrupted music listening time while the wife goes away for the occassional trip. Kudos to us all for being in the same boat! My lovely wife DOES enjoy our stereo system but CAN'T endure hours and hours of listening, and certainly NOT all day...or all weekend long. She's just too fidgety and likes to fiddle-fart around the house doing many things at once. Quite the multi-tasker I might add. As for ME? I could park my butt in front of my system all day long, throw on some good tunes, crack open a nice German Dopplebock, call a few Audiophile buddies over...and let the games begin! When mama goes out of town, I go for the marathon music listening sessions. Last weekend, while the wife went to L.A. to visit her sister, I had 3 friends over at 2 p.m. on Saturday 4 a.m. Sunday morning, we were still going. Other than getting up out of our listening chairs to grab another German Stout, or Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, or,.... make our way to the LOO to "rid" our bodys of those fine malted adult beverages we had been enjoying....we pretty much went 14 hours straight! It was a beautiful thing! System was sounding liquid, and palpable. Tonal balance was dead on. Bass response was tight. The electrical power grid in my neighborhood was being particularly kind to my juice. All the stars were shining, and the earth as we know it was spinning smoothly upon its axis. Just one of those groovy evenings we all live for. One that doesn't happen that often when mama is home. So yeah, we Audiophile dudes need our "space" to get into our music listening groove, and be able to go as long as we choose, (without having to go help get groceries, take the dog to the vet, go have the car washed, or accompany our lovlies to Macys so she can buy more shoes and make-up). So, next time my wife goes out of town I'll call you guys. I think we'de have way too much fun together. Maybe even turn one another on to some new music. Not to mention taking a trip down "Craft beer" Boulevard, and "Import Brew" Alley! Ha Ha Ha! (no wonder I can't seem to shake this damn beer gut). Any of you fellow A-goners enjoy a good cigar once in a while? I like Arturo Fuentes Maduro Especialle, and La Gloria Cubanas. Just thought I'de share. Peace to all. Fun thread Bizango1.
Nice to see some of us have fun with our hobby and not always fretting about hum or if our cables are properly elevated off the carpet. 6:30am, Cecilia Bartoli's Vivaldi album, an Eno-like looper who calls himself Lusine, last solo listening session of ten days straight, then off to the airport to retrieve family and Italian souvenirs. Coffee, no Anejo.