How serious are you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being totally obsessed, how serious are you about this hobby?  Explain please. Thanks. 


As John Lennon supposedly said, Life is what happens when you are making other plans.




As a non Roon user, I think I get the jist of your post, but can you explain the situation for me?

I'd put myself at a 2. I have a modest system that I enjoy, but my passion is astronomy. This week I'm camping at a dark sky park for a full week hoping for a clear night. So far three nights not worth getting either telescope running. I'm not sure there is an equivalent. I have a very small system in my RV, not even HiFi, but there are expectations of quite here so anything I play needs to stay in the camper. 

When home I listen about 5 hours a week, mostly to vinyl while working. Serious listening is waiting for my retirement years. Not too much longer...

@mahler123 ....*G* A 'shallow, tongue-deep in cheek tease', basically...from one who spends too much time at a desk, but has music on demand to while it away. a Real Job, esp. since semi-retired.....average hours listening per day surpasses 4 easily, tho' 2 one day, 8 the next...

As for a 'roon attack', just playing off the 'noia of AI leaking into the devices of our days....1st, the washer, dryer, fridge, car, the flat screen, your audio, your shaver, bed, breakfast.....

*L* At 73, I'm relatively reassured that I'll miss the worst of it...maybe... ;)

Happy Monday, btb....J



Great to hear you are thinking of retiring. I have been lucky to have many interests and over my career have been able to take off a year or more four times to just pursue my passions… physical and intellectual. So, my interests instantly take over all my time.

The way you put the idea you were thinking of retiring and then decide what to do. You might consider slowly moving into retirement and developing other pursuits along the way. I know a lot of retired folks and those that just quit without a bunch of passions can have a hard time. The rule of thumb is it takes five years to adjust to retirement. My transition was really easy for the reasons I said… but there was still a transition from being so goal oriented (by conditioning all my life) to being more process oriented.