How tall do you like your images?

Just wondering, when you listen, do you like your stereo image to be at ear level, above, below, or do you like planars thanks to having a steady image no matter if you are standing or sitting?



"I like, -who doesn't?- that the speakers disappear from the stage and obtain a centered and well-defined image behind them, adding several layers to separate instruments and voices."

 Yes, we all like that, but the question is about image height.



I like the sound to be higher. Like I’m at the concert and the performers are on the stage.

I like an image height that seems to reflect what I would expect the performance height to be.

For a couple examples:

On the title track of King Crimson's "Islands", there is a cornet that begins a couple of minutes into the track, that on my system, certainly sounds like it is at around 5' above ground. When I am sitting in my chair, the horn is definitely coming from above my ears.

Or, on Ralph Towner's great live album, "Solo Concert", his acoustic guitar seems to be right around the height of a person sitting on a stool. The guitar is coming from directly in front of me.

I am sorry but i owned a two way speaker box ( 7 inches driver for bass) in his dedicated room and i never had an only between the speakers is recording dependant but with half top recordings album on 100, 50 will fill the room outside of the speakers plane, with front sound sources and back one simultaneously or around the room sound sources ... It is completely recording deopendant with all levels variations recording engineer use the same acoustic materials nor the same locations nor the same trade-off choices..

Why  is it recording dependant ?

Because when room  acoustic is lacking the soundfields stay between the speakers nevermind the recordings...Especially with relatively low cost speakers even with good one  as mine...

For example i listened a brass ensemble playing Gabrieli music the soundfield is completely divided in two groups of players answering one another , as the music was written by Gabrieli and as it was recorded with two groups facing one another...

The soundfield of each playing groups half the album extending completely out of the speakers by the side coming from each opposite walls... Half of the albums is recorded with the players in depth back of the plane of the speakers coming from the wall facing the listener  and in front of the speakers in the room in front of me ... Then with my "traditional speakers" the image was never coming from the tweeters... All that resulted from my heavily designed acoustic room...

It is why as Mike lavigne said , i agree completely with him,  that the soundfield variation and dimension and orientation come from the recording acoustic choices ... Anything else indicate design/acoustic related problem...

My system dont compare one second to the resolution clarity of Mike lavigne, but my speakers/acoustic is so good i hear  also results coming ALWAYS from the recording... but not with the clear crystal definition as Mike Lavigne system, i dont need to verify this it is evident  so satisfying my low cost system is for my needs ... my system value is very low... nevermind the price tag,  room acoustic is the main factor in audio not the gear price tag if the basic components are relatively good or passed a minimum quality treshold... But i will repeat even in soundfield location precision and for timbre experience my system cannot even compared with Lavigne, but the soundfield impressions are for me too ONLY recording dependant...


My experience with planars though is the same as you...


My experience with line and planar sources is that the height is actually wherever my ears are. That is, if I am sitting the music seems to be right in front of me, and the same standing up.

Compare to a traditional system where the image remains between the tweets.




Size of the room and the speaker setup actually dominate the SS, much more so than the size of the speakers as long as the speakers are capable.  The dimensionalities of SS rendered by the Burchardt S400 Mk ii is much larger in my living room (26' square) than in my bed room (14'x20').