How to configure Jriver 19 to Airport Express

I use to work with Itunes and was streaming audio to another room using Apple's Airport Express. Everything worked fine. I started to use Jriver 19 about 6 months ago and now want to use the Airport Express device to stream music in my living room. I have read a ton of threads on the Internet and looked at JRiver help section, which is really useless on that subject.

I have read that I needed to install the DBpoweramp Asset UPnP audio server which should be compatible with JRiver. I have created a living room zone and a Airport Express zone in JRiver which I can both see in the 'Playing Now' menu section. I have downloaded the main Library into the living room zone and no audio playing, what could be the problem?
Because it does not support DSD downloads. I have purchased a Benchmark DAC2 HGC to be able to listen to DSD downloads. Little disappointments about poor availability of music DSDs in general.
Dasign, but how do you connect DAC2 for DSD. If it is by USB cable can you use it in asynchronous mode for PCM?
JRiver allows you to configure itself to scan for music library changes for auto import.

One workaround on the PC is to use iTunes to maintain your main music library. So you can still use it to send music via Airplay to your Airport Express (not DSD tho).

JRiver can read from the same library (plus another folder for your DSD stuff) when you want to play DSD.

On the Mac, I use Audirvana/PureMusic to add DSD playback to my iTunes.