how to connect yamaha rx-a3050 to a mcintosh mc206 amp.

hello all.... first of al....i try set up a home surround sound. 
I'm using a yamaha rx-a3050
2 b&w 802 d front
2 b&w cm 8 back
1 b&w center
my question is can i connect the  mcintosh mc206 amp to the yamaha receiver?
i just want to connect the two front speakers to the mcintosh amp.
can anybody please help me how to connect....please show me step by step.( sorry I'm very news to this )

thank you in advance 

Your manual shows you how to do it. Go from the "Pre Out" to the input of the amp.
I looked at the back of the 3050,
Pre Out Front goes to your Mac. Then hook up front speakers to Mac.
On 3050, rear speakers hook up to Surround Back.
Center speaker hooks up to Center.

You will need to use the menus to adjust the gain and type of sound for each set of speakers. Look in the manual for setup.

But you'll also need to setup the Mac since it is a muli- channel amp.
I would use the mac for all 3 front speakers, if not for all 5.  The front 3 really need to be voiced the same or you will hear it.  You've got an amazing amp, use it.