How to contact Audiogon Support

All of the sudden my reply posts are deleted and now posting is suspended. 
Kindly explain, 

I need to be fully attached to my Audiogon log in: does not log in right now after about 18 years during which I sold over 300 items on Audiogon.

I did not have any more to sell for quite a while and I cancelled my “Bluebook” $10/month fees.

But now I am obligated to sell about $250,000 (retail price) of equipment for a prior customer whose husband has died and she is going to move into a new home (perhaps back in Thailand).

How do I reposition myself back as in prior years?  When I call now, nobody answers.

PLEASE let me know how to be able to utilize Audiogon once again!

Rich Barra at 801-910-5860

@barrarich  Send me an email to  and I'll help you.