How to get DSD working in a networked (Roon) setup?


I recently received a few DSD albums and would love to play these.

In the manual of the T+A MP 3100 HV, I read
"The MP 3100 HV can be used as a high-quality D/A converter for other devices such as computers, streamer, digital  radios etc. which are fitted with poor-quality converters or no converter at all. The MP 3100 HV features two optical and two electrical S/P-DIF digital inputs on the back panel to allow this usage.

A USB-DAC input on the back panel permits to use the MP 3100 HV as D/A
converter for computers.

At the USB DAC IN input the MP 3100 HV accepts digital PCM-encoded stereo
signals with sampling rates of 44.1 to 384 kHz (32-bit) and DSD data with
sampling rates of DSD64, DSD128, DSD256* and DSD512*."

To use the T+A MP 3100 HV to play DSD files, I have to connect it to a PC using a USB cable? Is my understanding correct?

I have all my music on a NAS in the basement. I use Roon to play (flac) files on my stereo. Is there no other way to get DSD to play?

Ideally, I would prefer to add a device in my network to play DSD. 

This "USB DAC" truly puzzles me. 

Thank you for your advice.



In Roon, right clikc on the device, then Device Settings, and look at DSD playback strategy.  Set it to Native and see if it works. :)

I just tried unchecking the 'DoP for Converter" option and it doesn't seem to do anything. I've got a DAC that only accepts DoP and with that unchecked it still showed DSD64 output.


Maybe with foobar, the T+A detects the PCM container. If the sampling rate shows 176.4 (DSD64) or 352.8 (DSD128) then it's most likely DoP. Perhaps you should try the DSD Transcoder foobar component and send native DSD through ASIO.


A random thought - if you're trying to play DSD256 with DoP (705.6 kHz PCM container), your DAC may not be able to handle it, which could be the reason you see Roon indicating downsampling.


Anyway, maybe it's best to contact T+A as well and ask how they would setup DSD256 / DSD512 playback with a Windows PC and Roon.

Roon is able to play whatever your dac is capable of receiving / decoding.  If you have a DSD256 file and your dac is able to take it Roon will pass it on.  Roon is not the limiter.  You dac and what it is able to process (or how it it is configured in Roon) would be the limiter.  All I was meaning with DSD64 in my post is that a standard sacd rip is DSD64.

As I mentioned, my dac can handle up to DSD256 so if I play a sacd rip with no upsampling it will play at DSD64.  If I have a DSD256 download it’ll play at DSD256.  If I have a DSD 512 download it will downsample to DSD256 as that is the highest bit rate my dac is set up to use in Roon.

If you click on advanced under you dac setup in Roon, all of those configs for max PCM and DSD sampling rates should be there.  That is what is limiting things and those settings should align with your dac’s capabilities.

Hope that helps… or at least clarifies my last post.  Best of luck.

Dear all, just an update. I got it working but you'll never guess how.

I ran into the guide below, explaining how to install a music streamer on a Raspberry Pi4B. I had one laying around by accident. So I installed Volumio on it, bought a higher end 2m USB cable and it plays bit perfect DSD256 to my T+A MP 3100 HV. It's a bit weird to see a 150 USD solution dangling behind the T+A, but it works. 

To make it clear: with this Pi based solution, I can play (at least up to) DSD256 from a USB stick plugged in the Pi, over USB to the "USB DAC" port on my T+A MP 3100 HV. Config was too easy to be true, certainly compared to Foobar2000. 


Very odd it is Roon capable but can’t play directly.

I happen to use a Pi as a Roon endpoint, connected to my Mytek Brooklyn and never had a problem playing DSD at any resolution.

If you like Roon, may be worth getting a second micro SD card, installing Ubuntu on it and then Roon for Ubuntu/ARM.  Works peachy.