How to get EMM XDS1 to play DSD files via its USB DAC mode? (Using Jriver in Windows.)

Can I get my EMM XDS1 cdp to play my DSD files (.dsf files) using Jriver in Windows 10? It (the XDS1)seems to lock onto 176 kHz (in the player’s display) and then I hear nothing but a muffled hiss as the tracks play.
I am using the XDS1 in USB DAC mode for this.This is the XDS1/V3 player.
I can play PCM files or Youtube just fine.My Chord DAC plays the DSD files fine.
My EMM Windows driver is from 2016.Thank you.

Thank you for any help.
Update, PotPlayer plays the files, but I think it is converting them to PCM, as the EMM display shows 48 kHz playback.