How to Increase Turntable Height on High WAF Rack

I am finally getting a turntable for my primary system. My wife really likes the current rack - Billy Bags, 3 shelves, ext dimensions 40 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 20.5 inches high. I am getting the new Ayre/DPS and the table will obviously sit on the top of the Billy Bags. As I see it, I believe the table will be at least 7 to 8 inches lower than minimally acceptable. Hoping to get some guidance on what I could use, e.g., wood, granite, etc, to increase the height of the turntable. If it were only up to me, I would just get a new rack but I am trying to accommodate my wife, who has been extremely tolerant of my stereo largesse (sp?). Any suggestions?
Build a nice sandbox and sit the TT on top of that. Or get a nice thick maple board and float it on a bunch of squash balls. Any extra isolation will pay off sonically and you will be able to raise the height at the same time.

You're going about this the wrong way. What you need to do is to make it look as ugly as possible. That way your wife will give her approval for you to get a new rack. Increase her committment by showing her a few pictures of racks she likes and let her make the final choice. When you buy, tell her it was "on sale". After you buy, reward her by suggesting she buy some new pairs of shoes...just because. It's only money. How long have you been married anyway...why don't you know these tactics? :)
Excellent advice Markphd. I copied your tactics into "Word" for future reference!
Any platform you place your tt on will affect it's sound. Therefore, you should choose that platform on it's sonic interface with your rig, not on it's 'height potential'. If you have a mate who's willing to allow your hobby gear into-well, I'm not sure which room, but presumably not a specific 'music room'-then I'd appreciate that fact, and realize that bending or crouching, if necessary, is the price to be paid. Seems a pretty small price.

When she starts demanding that you sit on the toilet when you take a leak, that's the time to put your foot down. Until then, a little give-and-take is key.