How to insure shipping large speakers?

I am struggling trying to find an insurer for shipping a pair of 200lbs. each speakers from Milwaukee to Baltimore. Surely many of us here have done this. It is a private transaction, although if there is no other way, we could make it a business (church) to business (hospice) deal.

We can find a shipper o.k., just not insurers (well, one wanted a 3rd party to crate the boxes, but geez, these are Von Scweikerts that come in a plywood coffin for shipping from the factory!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Everyone have a wonderful Holiday!

I am not really sure if this helps. I helped shipped a speaker for my friend which comes in 5 wooden crates with a combined shipping weight of aprox. 3200lbs. We used BaxGlobal and they insured it too. Granted, the price was quite insane but they had a save trip ^^ :-)

Good luck

Try Lloyd's of London.

...or have you talked to your own property insurance co?

As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I believe Pilot Air might do it. I was at one time, going to buy some speakers that were combined into only one container... weighing over 200 lbs. They were willing to do the job and provide declared value coverage.

Give Pilot a call... and or DHL.

Tape up the boxes with duct tape too. Yeah, just like a mummy, placing some cardboard in between the wood and tape.

Good luck.
Thanks, I'll contact BAX for a quote.
So far, I am planning on using PilotAir to ship, they are pretty reasonable even door to door. However, they said they wouldn't insure a private party transaction. GRW Products would insure it if a professional outfit crates them. Sheesh, they are in the shipping crates the factory uses. And Blindjim, there is a heavy duty cardboard box the plywood crate fits into, but I suppose anything extra couldn't hurt.

Thanks for the advice so far, keep it coming.