How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?

We adopted a long-hair, one-eyed stray kitten. She is a very lovely cat, however, she likes jumping up on stereo equipment - tube preamp and mono block amplifiers. Am I right in thinking that cat hairs that fall inside the equipment can eventually fry things? Assuming so, I can't be the first person to have a cat AND hifi equipment. How do you keep the cat off? For the record she only jumps up there when she is alone in the room, so I think she gets that we don't want her up there, but just hasn't filed under "relevant info." I would greatly appreciate suggestions!


I had a girlfriend that moved in with her cat a few decades ago.  I would routinely carry the cat out of the listening room because of the fears cited by the OP re-fur getting in components.  Eventually the cat learned the listening room was off limits. I knew the relationship with my girlfriend was over when the door to the listening room would suddenly open up and the cat would be tossed into the room

re "I have never been able to understand why people keep cats.  They are free-loading bastards that don't empathise with their keepers one little bit."

Like a lot of children these days :)

I know all cats are different I tried every thing on the one persons list lemon juice and the rest and my cat just walked right through it including vinegar 


"Like a lot of children these days :)"

So true. When I look at all that my brothers and sisters have gone through and continue to go through with their children, I am very grateful that I never had any myself.

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