How To Keep Cat Off Stereo Equipment?

We adopted a long-hair, one-eyed stray kitten. She is a very lovely cat, however, she likes jumping up on stereo equipment - tube preamp and mono block amplifiers. Am I right in thinking that cat hairs that fall inside the equipment can eventually fry things? Assuming so, I can't be the first person to have a cat AND hifi equipment. How do you keep the cat off? For the record she only jumps up there when she is alone in the room, so I think she gets that we don't want her up there, but just hasn't filed under "relevant info." I would greatly appreciate suggestions!


Just put the cat outside. They're filthy, they stink, and their hair, dander, and smells get into everything eventually. You'll never get it out once it does. You won't notice it, but anyone who doesn't have cats will when they come to your home and that smell follows you around wherever you go. Not to mention their incessant clawing and scratching. As you can tell, I detest these satanic creatures, but if you must have one, just accept the fact that they do whatever they want unless you continuously correct them. On rare occasion, you find a cat that you can set boundaries with. There are a lot of good tips from others on how to do this. I've seen my wife manage to get a few to behave, but she's worked with animals as a vet tech for years. I simply wouldn't have the patience.

nonoise, good post. 
I am using Armor All SmokeX citrus spray for a second cat now - I think more than 20 years, the same one. I'm spraying it around the parameter, especially on the cables - about every two weeks, when I remember, or when I see my tuxedo bully coming closer... Works, she runs away without going back. If you have a stand, spray it on the top and bottom of your shelves, and on the cables. Not on the equipment and contact points, of course. With the top of the shelves, see if it is going to leave a stain first.