How to make a DVD Audio

I want to make audio DVD's that will play in a regular DVD player. I want to make a mix of music to listen to and not have to change disc's as often. Any suggestions? I assume I will have to purchase a program for this. My new computer uses windows 7 the latest DVD burner.
HD Audio Solo Ultra is great for creating High quality DVD's and Hi-Def audio DVD's. Create up to 24bit/192KHz DVD+/-/r/rw. Good luck you will enjoy the added flexibility.
I find that sometimes the HD discs I burn with HD Audio Solo Ultra don't play on my Oppo 970, which I use as transport, with the coax digital out going to a PS Audio Digital III DAC. When they play, they sound terrific. Does anyone know if switching to Diskwelder Bronze would solve the playback inconsistency? I noticed that Diskwelder has an option that appears to permit the creation of disks that play on all DVD players, but this seems to involve some type of Dolby transfer, which I think means you lose the HD quality???? Would be grateful for guidance and clarification......