How to make your amp more expensive

Saw this article about weight being added to a computer power supply and thought to myself "Hey, I know amplifiers that do this...."   😁




@roxy54  I think both interpretations of my title would be accurate.

Adding a 1" thick aluminum front plate would certainly make the amp more expensive to manufacture AND make it feel more like you are buying something worth more than the amp next to it that weighs half as much. :)

I remember reading a thread years ago talking about how you could tell the quality of an amp by its weight. My integrated only weighs 44 pounds.  Maybe I should just pitch it.😁

My father taught me if you’re going to make an investment in material goods buy the heaviest one. It’s a sign of quality!!


unless you’re buying hang gliders or parachutes. I add lead weights to all of my new purchases.

Some dude who has been  hit in the head by a bullet or a baseball bat , i dont remember, became a mathematician and begin to see geometry everywhere ...

I myself put a iron meteorite near my speakers... The sound fly to my ears ...