How to measure crosstalk

Can anyone explain to me how to measure crosstalk using a multimeter for setting azimuth?
> The word 'azimuth' is kind of a giveaway that you're asking about a phono cartridge. :-)

Perhaps your experience is limited to phono cartridges, but tapes heads in particular have an azimuth adjustment. And antennas also have that adjustment, though perhaps not as common a concern in the audio world.

I guess it is only a "giveaway" if you haven't dealt with the others.
Thanks Tim that makes alot of sense to me, I now understand more fully about the measurments.
Great job on your post. Thanks for taking the time to write it up.
Great explanation by Tim. One addition: you need a notch filter to reduce frequencies above/below the test tone. Otherwise, at the tiny levels we're trying to adjust for, background surface noise from the vinyl will swamp the results at the meter.

Wally's device includes this, or you could DIY your own.
I can't stress Doug's suggestion enough (even Fremer left this out in his instructions) - if you measure without a bandpass at 1kHz, your azimuth measurements will be close to meaningless.

Alternatively you could use an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer, but a 1KHz bandpass filter with a multimeter will do.