How to prevent visitors from touching your system

It’s amazing, no matter if it’s your friends or just anyone else walking into your listing room, what is the first thing that happens? They have to reach out and touch something. Like this is the first piece of real equipment they have ever seen. Has anyone else had this experience? What can be done to prevent this except posting signs or telling people every single time? Gets kinda frustrating.


Tell him you're Doberman will rip their balls off if they do lol, mine is trained to do that.

Over more decades as a musician and audio geek than I care to admit I've never had an issue with anybody including friends, kids, friend's kids, hippies, vandals, or simply anybody mess with any gear I've owned. A drunk wife of a friend did fall on a nice guitar that then needed some repair...that's it. I consider this to be a parallel universe topic. Weird.

Re:  Deadhead 1000 and people touching my things.

"Besides, it was a just a record, my nephew is more important."  So obvious, but so true.  

Are you sure you are a true audiophile?


*L*  @magnuman, sounds like the scene in "Where The Buffalos' Roam"...

2:22 > 2:28...ignore the rest...

Dr.HSTs' *ah* 'rants' in Rolling Stone helped me through the Nixonian Error....

I had a couple of p/back copies of 'F&L>LV' stolen from me....

J. Depp's movie of same disappointed....should be reshot w/contemptuous modern CGI with all the disgusting 'frothing' now possible.... 

I wish his ghost could be linked to a 'puter to comment on DJT.

'nuff said. I a 'true audiophile'?

Well....I still smile most of the time, when asked that.

It's because 4 of the 5 voices in my head are stone crazy.

The 5th is the one that smiles and hums quietly....;)


".....touch my coffee....I will slap you So hard that even Google won't be able to find you...."  😒