How to protect my amp without changing the sound?

My house has terrible power surges. One surge fried my former system with all Cary Audio electronics and speakers. Everything was fried from the amp, preamp, speakers to the speaker wires and interconnects.

Now I've replaced much of it with a Wadia Intuition amp/preamp/DAC unit. But for obvious reasons can't consider plugging it directly into the wall.

I started off with a Furman power strip/surge suppressor which really throttled the output. Made my $15K system sound like $3K.

Next I tried a Brickwall surge suppressor which really opened up the sound (getting more current through) but drained warmth and musicality from the sound.

I broke down and bought a Furman 16A power conditioner that is warmer sounding but still doesn't compare to plugging the amp directly in the wall.

What do I do? Keep moving up the Furman line?

Power conditioning isn't absolutely necessary, but strong surge protection is. And I'm no fan of MOV's. Any ideas?
Audiolabyrinth, I live in Chicago suburb. My part of the neighborhood has power lines underground. We have rarely any power disruption.
I was going to plug my amps (tube main, SS for rarely used outdoor extension speakers) directly into my groovy hospital grade wall plugs (P.S. Audio) and remembered my simple power conditioner has some spike protection (thunderstorms happen) I don't want to give up...dedicated lines are a good idea, a diesel generator is insane unless you live in the middle of nowhere, and I unplug when out of town (in more ways than one). However, I still think scoring a surplus nuclear power plant from a mothballed sub is the way to go...if you have a water source running through the yard for cooling and some black market fuel you're all set...bribe the neighbors with free juice!
My recent experience with a Furman Elite 15 conditioner just reminded me that I dislike conditioners immensely. As others had in the past it "greyed" the sound for less sparkle and tonal color. It also muted detail. Removed it and put back in my Furutech ETP-80 and all was right again.
Furman went back to Amazon.
Got a cheap Monster power strip (which I've had good luck with in the past) and all was still good.
Just relaying my experiences, though I would like to try the Audience product one day.
Ssglx, was it by any chance Elite DMi? (or Elite 15i)

Furman Elite 15 DMi or 15i don't have high current outputs and high current
capability of Elite PFi.