how to remove a woofer from b@w801n

I am from the Philadelphia area and would like to send my woofers to Miller Sound.  for renovation . in order to do it I  need to remove them from the cabinet . my question  is it hard shall I get a technician to do it or shall I do it myself thx in advance 


Unscrew the 8 screws you see around the perimeter of the 15in driver. The driver is held onto the speaker with them.

Not familiar with the connectors or if soldered connections.

IF you need to cut the wires, pick a spot that allows easy re-connect, and arm yourself with a connector set.

Bullets allow connect/disconnect, and are a good way to add some extra wire if some slack is needed.

here’s a bunch of them I used to rehab a crossover for my AR-2ax speakers

I bought this inexpensive wire stripper/crimper, better quality than the price indicates

wire stripper/crimper

Thousands of dollars for interconnects, power cables and speaker cables and the expensive sound unceremoniously goes through a 5 cent crimp on connector. 😊

Frankly, the answer is fairly simple. Do you have any previous technical experience working with audio gear, and especially loudspeakers? 

Do you have knowledge of exactly how to properly access the internal components of you speakers both mechanically and electrically.?

Have you ever done any wiring removal and reinstall using proper tools and most probably, a soldering iron?

If the answer is YES, and you have any printed support documentation for repairs (which I doubt) then there is a basis for you to undertake the project yourself.

If the answer is NO, then doing anything other than taking the speakers to a professional, could be very risky, possibly ending up with less that the result you are expecting,